Halotherapy and Saltroom FAQ

What is a Saltroom?

It’s a room with several inches of salt covering the floor, with the walls textured with salt. Usually there are 4 to 6 lounge chairs in the room, and some toys in the corner for children to play with.

Saltrooms also have salt vapor generators, which pump dry aerosol salt vapor into the air, so clients can breathe in microscopic salt particles and enjoy the healing effects of salt on their skin.

Is Halotherapy safe? Is it approved by the FDA?

Halotherapy is not only safe, it is widely recognized as a medical treatment throughout Eastern Europe, and has been for more than a century. At this time, the FDA does not recognize it as a medical treatment, and it is not subject to any regulation. So when you build your Saltroom, the only guidelines you will have to adhere to are local building codes!

What is a Halo Generator (Salt Generator)?

Your Halogenerator is the heart of your Saltroom. The generator is a vaporizer that breaks down the Treatment Salt into very fine particles, and pumps the vapor into the Saltroom as a dry saline aerosol that can be inhaled. Our patent-pending Halogenerator is the best on the market, bar none.

How much space does it take?

Saltrooms are usually 10’x15’ – 10’x20’ or so. You can affordably convert existing space!

What are the installation requirements?

The only two things you absolutely NEED are electricity for the generator, and a way to vent the room to the outside. You don’t have to build it against an exterior wall, however; some clients build the rooms away from an exterior wall, and simply add a hose vent, like a dryer hose, to the exhaust system of the room. After each session, you’ll pump the salt air out so the next client gets fresh salt air!

How much will this cost to start up?

It’s a great question – with far too many variables to even give you a ballpark estimate, unfortunately! Please contact us for a quote customized for your needs!

What kind of salt do you apply to the walls?

We use rock salt. It is the highest quality, purest salt you can use, and creates the cleanest healing environment in your Saltroom.

What kind of salt is used in the Halogenerator, to produce the vapor?

Your Halogenerator uses medical-grade salt crystals – the best on the market. They break down easily in the Halogenerator, and produce the finest, most-easily-inhaled salt mist. The phenomenal healing properties of this salt mist are what will keep your clients coming back!

What do people wear in a halotherapy session?

Many people like to experience halotherapy in their bathing suits, because the salt is so soothing and healing to the skin. But most people simply wear clothes that can easily be washed.

How do I market Halotherapy?

Truly, anyone will benefit from Halotherapy. You can market your Saltroom’s:

  • Clarity Effect: Relaxing in a Saltroom is a unique experience!
  • Respiratory benefits: Halotherapy is proven to help ease the symptoms of asthma and a variety of other respiratory ailments, and speed healing of respiratory infections
  • Benefits to the skin: Salt is extremely beneficial in treating acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, and eczema.

How much do I charge my clients?

That will definitely vary by region. We recommend charging by the session, anywhere from $25 to $100. Generally, we also suggest making young children free, and giving a discount when people purchase several sessions at once, such as a “punch-card” system.

What if my salt generator gets clogged?

You call us. But this hasn’t happened yet with any of our generators. Our patent-pending Halogenerator is different than other systems, and simply does NOT clog up like many salt vapor generators do.

What are the proven scientific benefits of breathing salt vapor?

Salt is known to be:

  • anti-bacterial
  • mucolytic (loosens mucus & phlegm)
  • anti-inflammatory

A client who grew up surfing once told me, “I always thought I had a fantastic immune system, because I never got sick. Now, as an adult, I realize it was because I was in salt water almost every day! If I got even a hint of a cold, it was gone after a few hours in salt water.”

Neti Pots are becoming increasingly popular as a way to wash the nasal passages with salt water. But breathing salt vapor in a Halotherapy Saltroom takes the healing properties of salt deep into the respiratory system – which explains why salt miners have always been so healthy!

Halotherapy is proven to help ease the symptoms of asthma and a variety of other respiratory ailments, and speed healing of respiratory infections.

And salt is extremely beneficial in treating acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, and eczema.

Halotherapy has long been recognized as an effective respiratory treatment in Eastern Europe, and is just now catching on in Western Europe and North America. You can be at the forefront of bringing this treatment to your area. Contact us to get started bringing Halotherapy to your area!

Do massage therapists use the room?

Halotherapy rooms are excellent places to give massages, and it’s an extra service you can offer: get more than just a massage, get Halotherapy WHILE getting massaged! Once massaged in a Saltroom, clients usually aren’t willing to settle for a “regular” massage again!

What are negative ions?

Simply put, ions are small particles that take on an electrical charge. Too few negative ions exist in our modern world. Air conditioning, forced-air heat, certain chemicals and even winds, such as the Santa Anas in Southern California, rob the air of negative ions, and put too many positive ions into the air. Salt crystals naturally create negative ions, so Halotherapy rooms have high concentrations of negative ions. For more information, read, What Are Negative Ions?

Why are negative ions good?

It’s hard to quantify, but it goes back to salt’s natural production of negative ions. But Saltrooms produce a “clarity effect” from these negative ions, and studies have shown that negative ions reduce:

  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • And negative ions can dramatically increase your:

o    Energy

o    Mental alertness

o    Overall sense of well-being

This is why massages given inside Saltrooms can be doubly beneficial; not only are clients physically relaxed, they leave with a sense of mental relaxation and clarity that can be hard to find in our revved-up, stressed-out world! Once clients get massaged in the Saltrooms, they will rarely settle for a “regular” massage again!


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